G3 - Contemporary Themes and Research in Geography

 This is worth 120 points out of the 400 that make up the full A Level

Section A - Contemporary Themes (80 UMS)

The first part of the exam will last for 1 hour 30 minutes.  You are required to write one essay on each topic you have studied.  The two topics to be covered in this section are:-

(i) Coastal Landforms and their Management (25 marks)

(ii) Globalisation (25 marks).

Section B - Independent Research in Geography (40 UMS)

You will select one research theme and will then be tested on it in the second part of the G3 written examination (25 marks).  The second part of the exam will be separate to the first but will be completed in the same examination session. You will have 45 minutes to answer a question on fieldwork techniques in your chosen topic area.

Section A

(i) Coastal Landforms and their Management

Click here for Coastal Environments Project

Section A

(ii) Globalisation

Section B - Individual Investigation

Independent Research in Geography -  you will need to select a topic - click on to the Fieldwork 2014.




G3 Mock Exam - January 2013