Coasts Websites

The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

The Dorset Coast became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.  It gained this status due to the unique geology of the area spanning 250 million years of Earth History.  Other World Heritage Sites include the Great Barrier Reef, The Galapagos Islands, The Pyramids, The Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon.

Ian West's Dorset Coast Field Guide - Southampton University

An incredibly detailed and comprehensive account of the geology and landforms of the Dorset Coast.  Many excellent images, and loads of in-depth information.  The size of the site can be a little overwhelming!

Poole and Christchurch Bay Shoreline Management Plan

This explains the management that takes place between Poole Harbour and Hurst Spit.  There are also explanations of the littoral cell, and the processes that operate on this coastline.

BBC Website - links to case study locations on the Dorset Coast

This website has lots of links to images and information about the Dorset Coast Case Study.