Study Guide



Key questions that will be answered…..


What is globalisation?

·        Define the term globalisation.

·        What are the different types of globalisation?  Give examples of cultural, economic, environmental and political globalisation?

·        Explain the stages of globalisation. (Rostow’s Model, the Core-Periphery Model)

·        What is the ‘Global Shift’ of economic activity?


The factors have led the current economic globalisation

·        Financial factors and investment. - Give examples of global financial services. Explain how foreign investment encourages globalisation.

·        Computer technologies. - How has the Internet influenced globalisation?  Is it a truly global phenomenon?

·        Transport and Communications technologies. - How has air travel influenced globalisation? What are the impacts of better communications (satellites, telephones)?

·        The World Trade Organisation. - What is the WTO?  What role does it play in world trade and globalisation?

·        Trade Blocs. - What are the EU, NAFTA and ASEAN?  How do these influence world trade?


The global shift of manufacturing and service industries

·        What role have TNCs played in the globalisation of manufacturing and services?

·        Describe the patterns of the global shift in manufacturing (car industry)

·        Explain the location factors that have influenced the global shift.

·        What are the impacts of outsourcing and offshoring on exporting and importing regions?


Winners and losers as a result of the global shift

·        Define the terms NIC and RIC.  What development indicators are used to identify them?

·        What are the ‘Asian Tigers’?  How did they become so successful?

·        What are the benefits and costs of globalisation in NICs and MEDCs?

·        Define the term deindustrialisation.  How has this influenced employment in MEDCs?

·        What are the impacts of globalisation on the environment?

·        Explain the importance of India and China in the current pattern of globalisation.


Causes and effects of political and cultural globalisation

·        Define the terms ‘empire’, superpower’ and ‘westernisation’.  Give examples through time. (USA, USSR, Coca Cola)

·        Explain the rise and re-emergence of other cultures. (ethnicity in Birmingham)

·        What are the impacts of cultural integration?  What is the evidence of the cultural shift?

·        What impact has globalisation had on the development gap?


Key terms… globalisation,   TNC,   NIC,   RIC,   development gap,   global shift,   outsourcing,   offshoring,   deindustrialisation,   WTO,   trade bloc (EU, NAFTA, ASEAN),   Asian Tiger Economies,   Rostow’s Model,  Core-Periphery Model,   empire,   superpower,   westernisation,   cultural shift,   colonialism.