Fieldwork Investigations

You will complete three fieldwork investigations - two in your AS course and one in A2. Any geographical fieldwork will need to follow these five main stages (Planning, Data Collection, Data Refinement, Analysis, Conclusions and Evaluation). These stages and their order are the same for any fieldwork you might do. There will be differences in how these stages are undertaken depending on the type of project you have chosen.

Clicking on each of the stages will reveal the generic (common to all) tasks you need to do to complete a successful fieldwork investigation.

Year 12 AS Fieldwork Investigations

G1 Study Guide

River Alderbrook - Virtual Field Trip

Specific Details

G2 Study Guide

Birmingham CBD - Virtual Field Trip

Specific Details

Year 13 A2 Fieldwork Investigations

G3b Study Guide

2015 Physical Geography Fieldwork

Woodland Ecosystems

Planning Framework (A3 sheet)

G3b Study Guide

2015 Human Geography Fieldwork

There isn't one!

Planning Framework (A3 sheet)

Generic Route to Enquiry for AS and A2 Investigations

Planning Data Collection

Data Refinement and Display

Statistics and Analysis Conclusions and Evaluation
Literature Review Sampling Strategy Tables Central Tendency Conclusions
Hypothesis and Aims Recording Sheet Graphs Spearman's Rank Accuracy and Reliability
Risk Assessment Methods Maps Mann-Whitney U-Test Strengths
Equipment Equipment Images Chi-Squared Test Weaknesses
Pilot Study Base Maps Nearest Neighbour Anaysis Improvements and Extensions

G3b Exam Questions