Virtual Fieldwork in the Wyre Forest

Straddling the borders of Worcestershire and Shopshire, this semi-natural, ancienct woodland is approximately 2,700 hectares. It is owned and managed by the Foresty Commission. It is an ideal location to woodland ecology and woodland microclimates.

The fieldwork was undertaken in a small, representative area of the woodland - less than 2% of the total area in order to protect delicate habitats from excessive trampling.





Top right - shows a slope of some 17 degrees vegetated in predominantly oak trees with visible shrub and and field layers. Due to the acidic soils (a limestone bedrock) and undulating terrain this woodland is still present as the land was not suitable for farming. The nearest town is Kidderminster any many visit to walk and horse-ride. It has recently gained a 'GoApe' zip slide and ropes!





Bottom left - shows where sunlight is no longer a limiting factor in the growth of field layer vegetation. Large ferns are now growing where the canopy layer is not present, thus allowing sunlight to penetrate the forest floor. This increas in the number of layers usually results in an increase in species diversity.

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