The Purpose of the Investigation

To plan a viable woodland fieldwork investigation, for example to test the difference in plant succession into a woodland, to assess the changes or even differences in microclimates in woodland areas.

To understand the range of data collection possible for the investigation. Systematic, belt transect sampling might be appropriate?

To discover the most appropriate way to sample your data without trampling on delicate, protected plants within the designated NNR (National Nature Reserve) and SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) zones

To collect the results in the field - and transfer onto Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

To analyse the data with graphs and calculations.

To draw conclusions from the data and to see as a result of the calculations whether succession exists or microclimates differ.

To evaluate the conclusions considering if the results are reliable.



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Left - shows managed footpath with deciduous vegetation to the right and coniferous vegetation to the left.