Virtual Fieldwork on the Alderbrook River

Land use surrounding the Alderbrook River includes a managed parkland on the right bank (north bank) and the college grounds on the left bank. However, the majority of the catchment is urbanised contributing to a flashy storm hydrograph.


Top left - shows Brueton Park, Solihull. This managed parkland forms part of the northern bank of the Alderbrook River. The riparian zone is managed to maintain species diversity (both plants (flora) and animals (fauna) and to decrease the risk of flooding. The channel vegetation is cleared periodically to maintain flow whilst the bank vegetation is thinned to maintain species diversity.

Top right - the college grounds form the major land use of the south side of the river. The river adjacent to the trees in the far left corner of the image, following the road downslope.

Left - the channelised section of the river taken from the footbridge by the entrance to the college from Brueton Park.

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