G4 Energy - Case Studies

Energy Types Research Project Guidance

Fossil Fuels

  • China
  • Huge demands on coal, but has own reserves
  • Starting to branch out into more renewable energy (HEP)

Nuclear Power

  • France
  • Produces approx 80% of its energy in nuclear power stations

Tidal Power

  • Severn Barrage, UK
  • A proposed scheme to generate tidal power in the SW
  • Impacts on the environment

Hydroelectric Power

  • Three Gorges Dam, China / Itaipu Dam, Brazil
  • Costs and benefits of dam and reservoir construction
  • Impacts - social, economic, environmental and demographic


  • Brazil
  • The use of bioethanol from sugar cane for energy production
  • Negative environmental consequences since land is needed to grow biofuels

Wind Power

  • UK
  • Has a windy climate and access to offshore locations
  • Impacts and opposition?

Solar Power

  • USA / Germany
  • Investment into new, more efficient technology

Geothermal Power

  • Iceland
  • Heat from the crust - is only usually available near constructive plate boundaries.
  • Southampton lies in an area with a high geothermal gradient and uses some geothermal energy

Energy Conservation and Energy Legislation Research