Energy Research Project


For this section of the course you need to understand energy demand and different methods of energy supply.


In pairs make a handout and produce a 10 minute ‘Powerpoint’ presentation for the class on one method of energy production (the methods are given below).


Your handout and presentation should include:-


  1. An explanation of how energy is generated using the selected method.


  1. A list of the advantages and disadvantages of the method (Social, Economic, Environmental, Futurity).


  1. An example or case study to illustrate the energy production method.


  1. Reference to a country that uses the energy production method with data about how much energy it produces and uses and how this has changed through time.


  1. Any relevant resources from the G4 pre-release material, with an analysis of the resource(s). [If applicable].

 A reminder of the topics:-

  • Fossil Fuels    China
  • Huge demands on coal, but has own reserves
  • Starting to branch out into more renewable energy (HEP)
  • Nuclear Power             France
  • Produces approx 80% of its energy in nuclear power stations
  • Tidal Power    Severn Barrage, UK
  • A proposed scheme to generate tidal power in the SW
  • Impacts on the environment
  • Hydroelectric Power               Three Gorges Dam, China / Itaipu Dam, Brazil
  • Costs and benefits of dam and reservoir construction
  • Impacts - social, economic, environmental and demographic
  • Biofuels             Brazil
  • The use of bioethanol from sugar cane for energy production
  • Negative environmental consequences since land is needed to grow biofuels
  • Wind Power    UK
  • Has a windy climate and access to offshore locations
  • Impacts and opposition?
  • Solar Power   USA / Germany
  • Investment into new, more efficient technology
  • Geothermal Power   Iceland
  • Heat from the crust - is only usually available near constructive plate boundaries.
  • Southampton lies in an area with a high geothermal gradient and uses some geothermal energy