Jamaica, UK and Mozambique Exam Questions


You will need the Pre-Release Resource Folder, a new copy of this Folder will be given out in the examination

In this synoptic exercise you will be assessed on your ability to synthesise knowledge and understanding and skills derived from your A level course.

You are reminded that the assessment will take into account the quality of written communication used in your answers.

The main focus of the materials in the Resource Folder is about food production in contrasting parts of the World.

Time allowed: 1 hour 45 minutes


Section A

1. Using evidence from Resource 1 of the Resource Folder, explain the relationship between 'wealth' and 'food'. (10 marks) - 15 minutes

2. Using examples you have studied and Resource 2 of the Resource Folder, explain the factors responsible for low agricultural output. (10 marks) - 15 minutes

3. From Resources 3 and 4, identify the similarities and differences in the challenges that face farming in Jamaica, Europe, UK and Mozambique. (10 marks) - 15 minutes

4. 'The issues involving farming reform, identified in the Resource Folder, do not meet the criteria for sustainability'. Discuss the validity of this statement. (25 marks) - 30 minutes

Section B

5. Critically assess attitudes towards the sustainability of water supplies. (25 marks) - 30 minutes