Geofactsheet Questions

Geofactsheet 177 – Managing Short term Climate Change


You need to read this fact sheet to find out about the strategies that are being used to combat climate change.  To check that you understand this topic, complete the following tasks.


The Kyoto Protocol (or the Kyoto Agreement)


1.    What is the main aim of the Kyoto Protocol?

2.    What is the target reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for the industrialized countries?  Is this thought to be enough?

3.    What are carbon credits?

4.    Describe 3 ways in which countries can use carbon credits to comply with the Kyoto agreement.

5.    What are carbon sinks?

6.    Why do the USA, Canada and Australia oppose the Kyoto Agreement?



The UK Climate Change Policies


1.    Which industry is the largest source of CO2 emissions in the UK?

2.    State the alternative sources of energy that could reduce CO2 emissions.

3.    List 5 ways in which the UK is attempting to limit GHG emissions.

4.    Evaluate each method, outlining its advantages and disadvantages.



Are strategies to reduce climate change working?


1.    Divide an A4 sheet into two columns.  Give one column the heading “The strategies work” and the other “The strategies don’t work”.

2.    Under each heading list facts or figures that suggest that policies to reduce climate change are either effective (working) or ineffective (not working).

3.    Write a short paragraph to evaluate the success of the Kyoto Agreement, and other policies to reduce climate change.