Climate Change Case Studies


Impacts of climate change in the UK - rising sea levels

1. The Fens


South Pacific Islands

1. Kiribati

2. Tuvalu Islands




Pressure Groups

1. Greenpeace

2. Friends of the Earth


Short term climate change 

1. Peru (El Nino)

El Nino Study Guide

2. USA The Dust Bowl Virtual Field Trip

Long term climate change

Geological Evidence

(Task - Climate Change Project)




1. The Sila Alangotok Island (Canada), indigenous population are witnessing change of their way of life.

2. Inuits use TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) respecting the environment

Visit the Inuits of Sila Alangotok



Inter-governmental and  National Governments

1. The IPCC

2. The Kyoto Protocol

3. The UKCIP