Urban Websites

Birmingham "Ward" Statistics

Visit the UK's Office of National Statistics to find out about the population different parts of Birmingham.  You will need to use this data to support your answers in the exam.


Birmingham Information

Visit the Birmingham Economy website to find out facts and figures about the different electoral wards in Birmingham and to find out more about the economy of the city.


The Bullring

The Bullring redevelopment has a website.  This has information about the development of the project, facts and figures about its costs and benefits, and information about the current shops located there.


Park Central / Lee Bank

This website contains data about the Park Central development - the cost of building, the type of houses, the aims of the project...


The Big City Plan for Birmingham

This website is part of the Birmingham City Council Website, and shows what planners are trying to do to re-image and re-brand Birmingham as a vibrant and successful city.


Visit Birmingham

To find out what is happening in Birmingham in terms of leisure and entertainment.


Marketing Birmingham

Some videos advertising Birmingham as an exciting, vibrant, connected city.