Suburbanisation in Birmingham No. 4

Student District (Social Segregation) - Selly Oak

The housing in Selly Oak is dominated by late victorian terraces that were built as an industrial suburb of Birmingham.  Today, their location next to Birmingham University means that the majority of the houses here are rented out to students.  This is a type of social segregation, whereby the students choose to live apart from the resident population of Birmingham to take advantage of the proximity to the University and of the services that have located there to support the students.

The small terraced houses are ideal to house students.  Often 3 or 4 students occupy one of these houses.  Increased affluence of students makes car parking spaces a premium in this district.
The houses in Selly Oak are rented by students.  This is through private landlords, agencies specialising in student lets, or through the University accommodation office.

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