The Inner City - Redevelopment

Lee Bank to Park Central - Redevelopment of the inner city

Some parts of the inner city of Birmingham have been extensively redeveloped, and often this process has occurred on several occasions.  An excellent example of this is the area to the south-west of the CBD, previously known as Lee Bank, but now renamed as Park Central as part of the re-imaging of this inner city area. 

To the left of this image are some of the original terraced houses that would have characterised this inner city residential area.  During the 1960s these terraced houses were demolished as part of the "Slum Clearance" programme.  The terraces were replaced by high rise flats such as the one seen in the image, as part of the "Comprehensive Redevelopment" of the area.
During the 1990s, some new housing was added.  This was more typical of suburban housing, with small semi-detached housing and low-rise maisonette flats being commonplace.  New facilities such as medical centres were also part of the redevelopment. 

The latest redevelopment of the area since 2003 has seen the demolition of the 1960s high-rise flats, with new accommodation being built in line with other residential development in the city centre.  Flats with modern architecture and a much more vibrant nature are being built here to house a "re-urbanised" population of young, affluent city workers.

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