Entertainment Zone

Broad Street, Brindley Place, Centenary Square

The area surrounding Broad Street in the south-west of the CBD used to be characterised by factories and warehouses that relied on the canal network for the transportation of their goods.  The 1980s and 1990s saw the redevelopment of this area and the canals became a new focus for leisure and tourism (Birmingham has more canals than Venice...).  Flagship projects such as the International Convention Centre and the Symphony Hall (ICC) and the National Indoor Arena (NIA) were followed by the Brindley Place development.  This provided a growth pole for the regeneration of the entire length of Broad Street from Paradise Circus close to the CBD to Five Ways in the south. 

The ICC and the Symphony Hall were some of the first Flagship Projects to be completed in this regenerated area during the early 1990s.
The canal network was re-imaged as a focus for leisure and recreation.  The canals were cleaned, and the buildings surrounded them were rebuilt or gentrified to house bars, retaurants and offices.  The NIA was another Flagship Project used to stimulate growth in this ex-industrial area.

Brindley Place is a mixed-use development of offices, restaurants, theatres and bars.  It mixes modern and traditional architecture, and helps to maintain a vibrant atmosphere in the CBD.