Rural Websites

The UK Office of National Statistics

Visit the UK's Office of National Statistics to find out about the population in different rural locations.  You will need to use this data to support your answers in the exam.

Blythe Valley Business Park

Visit the Blythe Valley Business Parkwebsite to find out about the businesses that are located there and the reasons for the development of this out-of-town location.

Dickens Heath, Solihull

Use this site to explain new housing developments in the rural-urban fringe.  Why is Dickens Heath an attractive place to live?

 Birmingham International Airport

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed expansion to Birmingham International Airport?  What impacts will there be in the Greenbelt and in the rural-urban fringe?


Why was the NEC built in the rural-urban fringe?  What impacts has it had on the area?


This website has information about Henley-in-Arden, in particular its history and current development.  It tells you additional information about the village and explains why it is a growing rural settlement.

Rural Solihull - Planning Document

Additional information about the use and management of the rural areas surrounding Solihull.

Great Tew

This links you to the Great Tew Estate website that gives you information on the development and diversification of Great Tew.