Study Guide – Rural


Key questions that will be answered…..


The characteristics of settlement

What is the settlement hierarchy?

What is the difference between urban and rural settlement?

How are rural and urban settlements linked?

What is the rural-urban continuum?

How does migration within and between settlements lead to variations in society and culture?

What are the causes of counter-urbanisation and re-urbanisation?

How do physical and human factors influence where people live?


The Urban-Rural Fringe - Solihull

What are the pressures of development on greenbelt land?

What types of development are often found in the urban-rural fringe?

Why are greenfield sites sometimes more attractive than brownfield sites for development?

What are the impacts of development in the rural-urban fringe?

What opinions do different groups of people have about the changes to the rural-urban fringe?


Rural Settlement

How are rural settlements perceived?

What is Cloke’s Model?

What changes are occurring to the provision of housing in rural areas?

Why is service provision changing in rural settlements?

Why is the social profile of rural settlements changing?

Why are settlements in differing rural locations changing in different ways?

What are the social impacts of the changing rural economy?



Key terms you should be familiar with…

Rural –urban fringe

Rural – urban continuum



Quality of life




Quality of environment

Scenic quality



Settlement heirarchy


Rural deprivation

Urban-rural fringe

Brownfield site

Greenfield site






Books – Waugh, Urban Challenge

Geofactsheets – 7, 48, 66, 165.