WJEC AS Human Geography – G2 UNIT GUIDE


G1 Exam: 1 hour and 30 minutes.  3 compulsory structured questions worth 25 marks each. One question will be on geographical skills and fieldwork.



Population – (50% of G2)

Urban – (25% of G2)

Rural – (25% of G2)

Key Questions

What is demographic change?

What are the issues of the migration of refugees and asylum seekers?

How does the social and cultural structure of settlements vary and why?

What are the distinctive features of settlements?

How and why do populations change naturally?

What are the causes and impacts of changing gender structures?

What are the issues of the Inner City?

How is the rural-urban fringe changing and why?

What is the role of migration in population change?

What are the demographic challenges facing countries?

What are the issues being faced in the CBD?

How are rural settlements changing and why?

Main Ideas

·         Natural population change

·         Births, deaths, migrations

·         The Demographic Transition Model

·         Population pyramids

·         Global population density and distribution

·         Types of migration

·         The impacts of migration

·         Refugees and asylum seekers

·         Housing and attitudes

·         Female infanticide and gender imbalance within a population

·         Ageing populations

·         Youthful populations

·         Population policies

·         The settlement hierarchy

·         Patterns of population and society within the city

·         The cycle of urbanisation

·         Inner City decline and regeneration

·         Globalisation of the economy

·         CBD zonation and retailing

·         The Bullring

·         The rural-urban continuum

·         Greenbelt development

·         Changes to rural settlements with distance from an urban centre

·         Perceptions of rurality

·         The impact of changing populations in rural areas

·         Second home ownership

Case Studies

China’s One Child Policy, Burkina Faso, Botswana, France, Italy, Eastern European migrants, UK,





Great Tew


Peak District


Birmingham CBD

Local fieldwork to collect data. Short write-up of the study to explain the process of the investigation, to explain the results and to evaluate the success of the project.