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1. Japan witnessed a period of major economic growth between 1955-1961. It then experience four decades of economic growth at over 10% per year as the start of this economic boom, dwindling to just 2% per year in the 1990s. This has been termed the Japanese post-war economic miracle.

2. By the late 1960s the economic recovery was largely complete. Japan is considered to be a MEDC.

3. The economic recovery was partly funded by the US Government following World War II, in conjunction with the Japanese Government who directed the economic miracle.

4. The companies powering the economic transformation include Honda and Sony. These were founded after 1945.

5. Its capital Tokyo is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world with over 30 million residents.

6. Consquences of this economic miracle since 1945 has been the less than sympathetic attitude to the environment. With the expension of industry and the road network, atmospheric pollution in Tokyo has been an unfortunate by-product.

7. Photochemical smog in Tokyo in 1970 prompted the Japanese Government to pass 14 environmental laws by December 1970. Japan also established its own Ministry of the Environment. By 1997 they hosted the International Conference on Climate Change in Kyoto, Japan.

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