India       Flag of India


1.  India is an emerging, global super-power, along with China.

2. Its official title is the 'Republic of India' with its capital New Delhi. Its  largest city is Mumbai (Bombay) where the Dharavi slum is located.

3.  Population, over 1 billion.

4. India become part of the British Empire in 1856 and gained its independence in 1950 under the direction of Mahatma Gandhi.

5. In the late 2000s India's economic growth has averaged 7.5% per year, which will double the avergae income in a decade.

6. The outsourcing of manufacturing, by MEDC clothing companies, into small factories in Dharavi provides controversial material of the debate as to the merits and drawbacks of globalisation.

7. Mumbai's local government want to remove the slums of Dharavi as it is on prime building land near to India's largest economic centre

8. Call centres are also being outsourced to India, due to the well educated, English speaking workforce.

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