G3 - Globalisation - Themes and Revision - Causes













Trade Blocs



'Materialism and greed'


Power (political and economic influence)

Cause and an impact. Satellite technology, internet, TV programmes, adverts, spread of ideas, sold a 'need e.g. materialism'.

Economies of scale - larger ships and planes reduce costs. Reliability - a fewer number of ships, mega-containerisation - unpatented cargo containers of just 3 sizes. Private cars (materialism). 48 tonne lorries - double the weight/size from the 1960s. Pipeline regional movement of gas and oil.

Corporations are backed by Governments and World Bank for inward investment in locating manufacturing mainly in NICs RICs and BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Multiplier Effect. Footloose, provides more jobs, and more inward investment.

Increased trade within - all trade blocs have increased in size. Trade between blocs. Growth of BRICs outside a trade bloc - possibly have had less restrictions in terms of trading. Positives and negatives - global finance now all linked together.

Neurological advertising. Brand and imaging is often more costly to TNCs then R&D on the product or service. Fulfilling human consumerist often capitalist societies.

Colonial powers needed raw materials and a market for their goods, They gained spatial dominance through empire building. Some old links still remain - Spanish and Portugese in Latin America, English in India.

Facebook, Google, mobile-phones, Sky, Shoreditch techno-hub.


P&O / Maersk - Land Rover Sports to China.



Land Rover - Tata in Solihull, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. M4 Corridor


EU 6 to 27. Euro crisis (Greece, Italy). USA defaults on sub-prime mortgages UK banks end up with toxic debts.

Coca-Cola, NIKE (Tiger Woods), Orange, 3D replacing Blu-ray. Do we 'need' these things?

Dutch to Indonesia, British Raj in India, Portugese to Brazil. No-one to Russia or China!



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