Zone 7 - Offices

This zone centres on Colmore Row, which is home to many commercial employers including lawyers, solicitors, accountants, banks and building societies.  It is likely that this zone will have some of the lowest pedestrian flows during the middle part of the day, but investigations that include samples at 9am and 5pm might find significantly higher results with people arriving at and departing from work.  Environmental quality scores may vary depending on location - this is now the frame of the CBD, and some vacant land may have been converted into car parks.  Transport also plays an important part in this zone with Snow Hill Station (trains and Metro) and bus stops on Colmore Row.  It may be difficult to get people in this zone to respond to questionnaires because they are likely to be here for purposes of work and may be under pressure to arrive at a particular destination on time.    

Colmore Row. This zone is not pedestrianised, but pedestrian numbers may vary considerably according to the time of day.

The Wesleyan Building.  This photo is very old (circa 2002).  This view is no longer visible because the carpark in the foreground has been redeveloped and the land is now occupied by new, high-rise office space.