Zone 6 - Entertainment

This zone centres on Centenary Square and Broad Street where many of the Flagship Redevelopment Projects are located. These were completed in the 1990s.  This is a zone of assimilation, and was previously a part of the inner city with factories and warehouses making up the majority of land use prior to the redevelopment.  Now this zone is home to the ICC, the NIA, the Symphony Hall, the Sea Life Centre, Brindley Place and the clubs, restaurants and bars of Broad Street.  Mixed use developments such as Brindley Place (offices, retail, hotel accommodation, residential development, restaurants) now typify the types of regeneration that are common in the CBD.  During the day, this zone might be quite sparsely populated, but at night and particularly at weekends, there will be a higher flow of pedestrians.  Weather can influence results here, and on sunny days people will use the pleasant outdoor spaces for lunch. Centenary Square is a focus for more redevelopment with the construction of Birmingham's new library currently taking up a large part of the space.  The sphere of influence of this area is likely to be large since many of the attractions are designed to draw people from a wide catchment.  This zone is very important to the economy of Birmingham and is therefore well-maintained with high aesthetic value.  

The Symphony Hall and the ICC at the western margin of Centenary Square.  During conventions this area can be busy (the G8 summit was held here as are party political conferences)

The NIA and Brindley Place.  This tends to be busier during warmer weather, and at night when the NIA plays host to concerts.  Sporting events are also held here, such as indoor athletics.  President Bill Clinton once had a beer in the pub in the background during a visit to Birmingham.

Brindley Place.  The upper floors of these buildings are offices, whereas the ground floors are often retail outlets and restaurants.  Basements house carparks and a gym.  This is an example of vertical zonation.  In the summer, this photo would show a larger flow of pedestrians.

The Mailbox.  The canals of Birmingham, once the transport network for the industry in this area, are now the focus of entertainment in this zone.  The waterways have been restored and are now a feature to be enjoyed as people relax in the canalside bars and restaurants.

The Ikon Gallery.  Outside spaces in this zone are well-maintained and attractive in order to satisfy the needs of the national and international organisations that have located their offices in this regeneration zone.