Zone 4 - New Street Station

This zone centres on New Street Station, the largest of Birmingham CBD's 3 mainline train stations (the others are Moor Street and Snow Hill).  This transport hub tends to be very busy, with the ramp leading from the station to New Street having signs directing pedestrians into 2 lanes to maintain a steady flow of people. Environmental quality scores may be lower than average in this area due to the large numbers of people passing through this zone to reach other land uses.  Stephenson Street and Corporation Street have several bus stops.  The parts of this zone to the south-east of New Street Station are typical of Birmingham prior to its redevelopment.  New Street Station is to be the focus of a multi-billion pound redevelopment between now and 2015.  Questionnaire results might report a large sphere of influence in this zone, because it is the main gateway (via public transport) into the CBD, with links to Birmingham International Airport and the main UK rail network.

The main road entrance to New Street Station on Smallbrook Queensway.  This can get very congested at peak times because it is the main drop off point for people using the station.

The "back entrance" to New Street Station on Stephenson Street.  Fewer people use this access point.  It leads to Victoria Square and the Mailbox rather than the main shopping areas.  Residential buildings can be seen in the background of this image.

New Street Station is to be replaced by a much more modern, and hopefully attractive building providing a better gateway to the city.

Hill Street looking south towards the new Radisson Hotel.  The roads here can be congested at peak times since they are accessible by both public and private transport.

Pallasades Ramp.  Pedestrians are asked to keep left to maintain the flow of people into and out of the station.  It can get very busy here - especially in December when New Street and Victorial Square host a German Market.