Zone 2 - Discard

This zone centres on the High Street and Dale End (Ex-Academy + Toys'r'us).  Here the shops tend to be of lower quality than the more central shopping areas, with discount stores, fast food outlets and small, independent retailers making up the majority of the retail space.  There is less uniformity of retailing here than in the central shopping areas.  Chain stores and high street brands are found here (Marks and Spencers, Boots), but the incidence of these decreases with distance from the Bullring Shopping Centre.  Between Dale End and Moor Street Queensway is an area of particularly low environmental quality, next to bus stops that serve Moor Street Station.  This zone is adjacent to the Education Zone that lies outside of the study area and which is part of the Eastside Redevelopment Area (Science and Technology).  Pedestrian flows will be lower than other retailing areas, and environmental quality scores may be low.  The sphere of influence here is also likely to be limited.

The view NE towards Argos and Dale End.This zone has not been pedestrianised and the road is used by buses and taxis.  The pavements are relatively narrow and there are few road crossing points.

Bull Street, looking NW.  Notice the factory shop inthe foreground, and the lower number of pedestrians and the lack of pedestrianisation.

High Street looking south towards the Bullring and the Rotunda.  Chain stores and common high street shops remain here.  Note that this areas is not pedestrianised.  This forms a transitional area between the true zone of discard and the main shopping area.

Moor Street Queensway looking east towards the Education Zone (Matthew Boulton College, Aston Univeristy).  There is an area of derelict land next to the car park.  This part of the zone is due to be regenerated as part of the Eastside Redevelopment.