Zone 1 - Retailing

This zone centres on the Bullring Shopping Centre and the newly redeveloped Indoor and Outdoor markets.  It is likely that sites in this zone will have higher than average pedestrian flows, but environmental quality will vary from high to low according to location and land-use (higher in Bullring, lower by the Outdoor Markets).  The buildings were completed in 2003 and the area maintains a modern and contemporary feel.  People may be passing this area during their transfer from Moor Street to New Street Stations.  Questionnaires completed here are likely to indicate that the main purpose of visits to the area is for shopping.  The sphere of influence is also likely to vary greatly since local people may use the market, but the Bullring should have much wider appeal.

The open space between the Bullring and the markets. This area is extensively pedestrianised and adds to the amount of open public space within the CBD.

The market car park that gives access to the Bullring via Debenhams.  Traffic congestion is common on this road on Saturdays.  This makes access to the CBD less efficient and may detract from its success.

Inside the Bullring, but the photo was taken early on a Sunday morning.  It is important to remember that photos (and field sketches) are snapshots in time and may not portray "usual" conditions.

New Street, looking west towards Victoria Square.  This is the traditional "High Street" shopping area in Birmingham CBD.

The juxtaposition of "old" (St. Martin's Church) and "new" (Selfridges). The Radisson Hotel can be seen in the background - these iconic buildings area changing the Birmingham Skyline.

Looking north-east towards the Bullring from St Martin's Church.  Note how busy this site is and how easy it is for pedestrians to access.