Isle of Portland

The Isle of Portland is an offshore outcrop of Portland Limestone connected to the mainland by Chesil Beach (a tombolo).  The rock that forms Portland is an excellent bulding material; famously used in the construction of St Paul's Cathedral in London.  It is still used as a "prestige" building stone to this day.  Other land uses on Portland include residential developments, a lighthouse, 3 prisons and (historically) a naval base.  In 2012 the Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy will host the sailing events at the London Olympics.  The only access road to the "island" is the A354 and sea defenses have been installed to protect the narrow junction between Portland and the mainland.

Chiswell, the small village at the eastern end of Chesil Beach where the Isle of Portland is linked to the mainland.

One of the prisons on the Isle of Portland.  This particular one is a Young Offender's Institution.

A quarry extracting Portland Limestone

The view from Portland westwards towards Chesil Beach and Weymouth.