Revision Questions Water (Sustainability)


Try to answer these questions as part of your revision programme.


1.                       Why do water supplies have regional differences?


2.                       How is our over use of water degrading our environment?


3.                       In terms of solving the water supply issues that face us why is ‘giving more water’ not the only solution?


4.                       Can using ‘grey’ (recycled) water solve the world’s growing demand for water?


5.                       How does physical geography influence the supply of water?


6.                        How viable are ‘Waterwise’ programmes in addressing water demand issues?


7.                       What are the demographic impacts of water shortages?


8.                       Do NGOs have the answers to solving the world’s water demands?


9.                       What are the impacts of ‘top-down’ water management schemes?


10. Which water management schemes have futurity and why?