Sustainable Water Websites


Water usage in North Africa and the Middle East is unsustainable

This newspaper article suggests how water shortages are likely to lead to further instability in this region unless governments take action to solve the impending crisis.  Links G4 water and energy beautifully!

Elan Valley - Birmingham Water Transfer

This website shows you the system of dams and reservoirs that supplies water from Wales to the Midlands.  A combination of climate, relief, geology, econmic development and demographics influencing the supply and demand of water

 Itaipu Dam, Brazil

A very large dam project on the Parana River between Brazil and Paraguay.  An excellent example of water management for energy supply.  Links with G4 Sustainable Energy.

Three Gorges Dam, China

The Three Gorges Dam project on the Yangtzee River, China.  Water Management, and HEP.  Sustainable development in the worlds' most populous country?

England and Wales water management

Water supply in England and Wales is managed by 10 different water companies and by a government body called the Environment Agency. 

Thames Water -

Severn-Trent Water -

The Environment Agency -

Desalination in Saudi Arabia

A project to show the methods, costs and benefits of water desalination in Saudi Arabia.

Grey Water and Water Recycling

Using untreated water for certain activities is more sustainable.  Find out how.