G4 Sustainability Revision Sheet



Food Supply




Key Ideas

1.      Global food consumption

2.      Factors that control food production

3.      Increasing food production

4.      Is food supply sustainable?

1.      Physical and human factors influencing water supply and demand.

2.      Strategies to manage water supply and demand

3.      Is water supply sustainable?

1.      Problems of energy supply

2.      Changes in energy demand

3.      Managing energy demand and supply

4.      Is energy supply sustainable?

1.      Classifying cities

2.      Pressures and change in urban areas and cities

3.      Tackling the problems in LEDCs sustainably

4.      Are cities sustainable?


Calorie Intake

-          High/low food consumption

-          Famine in Sahel

-          Obesity in USA and Europe


In the UK, physical factors influence water supply

-          Climate

-          Relief

-          Geology

Problems of energy supply

-          Economic

-          Political

-          Environmental

-          Technological

Cities develop differently and can be classified according to

-          Size

-          Rate of Growth

-          Level of development


Food Production factors

-          Physical

-          Economic

-          Political

-          Technological

Human factors influence water demand

-          Demographic

-          Economic

Demand is controlled by

-          Economic factors

-          Social factors

-          Technological factors

Urban pressures change cities

-          Transport and communications

-          Disparities in wealth

-          Spatial and areal extent

-          Environmental Quality


Food Supply Strategies

-          Hydroponics and Aeroponics

-          The Blue Revolution

-          GM Foods

-          The Green Revolution 1+2

Water Management

-          Reservoirs

-          Severn-Trent Transfer

-          Groundwater

-          Desalination

-          Reduce, reuse, recycle

Managing energy sustainably

-          Alternative sources (renewable energy, nuclear)

-          Greater efficiency

-          Reduce the demand

-          Carbon Trading

There are solutions to these problems

-          Transport schemes

-          Housing development

-          Greenbelt policies

-          Waste management


Attitudes towards sustainable food supply

-          Can 9 billion people have an adequate food supply?

Schemes can be assessed as to their sustainability using their:

-        Level of technology

-        Economic impacts

-        Social impacts

-        Environmental impacts

Attitudes towards sustainable energy supply

-          Kyoto, Copenhagen

-          UK, France energy Mix

-          James Lovelock


How sustainable are cities?

-          Curitiba?

-          Mexico City?

-          Shanghai?

-          Birmingham?

Case Studies

Sahel, USA + Europe

Nepal, Kenya, Oklahoma

Europe + UK (CAP)

Aerogreen Technology

Prawn farming, Thailand

Monsanto, India


Elan Valley, Severn-Thames

Three Gorges/Itaipu Dam

An LEDC water scheme

NEWater, Singapore

Saudi Arabia




Kyoto, Copenhagen

Offshore Wind Farms


Mexico City





UK, Birmingham