Revision Questions Food (Sustainability)


Try to answer these questions as part of your revision programme.


1.          What are the issues of increasing the global food yield?


2.          Why is it that certain areas of the world have a food surplus and others experience a food deficit?


3.          How are decision makers tackling the problems of the obesity?


4.          How and when is the supply of food a political issue?


5.          Are hydroponics and aeroponics a realistic answer to meeting the demands for food in the 21st century?


6.           What are the costs and benefits of 'food aid'?


7.          Do 'technological food projects' (e.g. Miracle Rice) really solve the issues of global food insecurity?


8.          Do 'bottom-up, intermediate' stratgies hold the answers to solving the world’s unsustainable food supply?


9.          Food under-production or global over-population? Discuss.


10. How does the level of economic development in a country effect calorific intakes and malnutrition?