Geofile 610  Obesity and Malnutrition


Review Questions



1.  Briefly define "obesity"


2.  List 4 facts and figures relating to obesity in the USA


3.  How much does obesity cost the USA?


4.  Explain the factors that contribute to obesity.


5.  What are the consequences of obesity?


6.  How is obesity being tackled in the USA?



7.  List 3 facts and figures about malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa.


8.  What are the causes of malnutrition?


9.  What constitutes a "balanced" diet?


10.  What are the consequences of malnutrition?


11.  Why is it difficult to break the cycle of malnutrition?


12.  Explain how cycles of malnutrition can be overcome.



13.  Use data to explain the growing "food divide" between rich and poor.


14.  Answer Focus Questions 1 and 2.