Geofile 586  Global Food Production


Review Questions


1.  Current world food situation

  • List 4 current issues concerning global food supply and demand.

2.    Competition for land

  • Why is agricultrual land being used to grow crops including biofuels and flowers?

3.    Producing more food

  • Using China as an example explain the conflict between farming and development.
  • List  the benefits of GM foods.

4.    Negative Realities

  • Using facts and figures, explain how political (Zimbabwe), environmental (Ethiopia), and demographic (world) issues influence food production.

5.    Potential Solutions

  • Explain what "biofortified crops" are.  How will they change current food problems?
  • Explain how GM foods can benefit food supply.
  • What is Jatropha?  What is its potential use?
  • Is Fair Trade working?
  • Why are "healthy" ecosystems (those with higher biodiversity) more valuable in farming? 

6.    The Future - Evalution

  • Summarise whether food supply can be sustainably mainatined in the future.