Sustainable Food Supply Websites

World Health Organisation (WHO) Nutrition

A long article explaining the global disparity in food consumption.

Aeroponics (AeroGreen technology, Singapore)

A way of growing plants with their roots in air rather than soil.  Find out how it works, and the costs and benefits of this solution.

 Monsanto (GM Foods, USA)

Using genetic modification, scientists hope to increase food supply and improve food security.  Are these so-called "Frankenstein Foods" sustainable?

Greenpeace (GM food)

An alternative viewpoint about genetically modified foods.  It is important to recognise bias in your answers.

The Blue Revolution (Fish Farming)

This article is a good introduction to the Blue Revolution.  It states the advantages and disadvantages of fish farming, and provides good case-study information.

The Common Agricultural Policy (EU)

The EU site that explains how the CAP works.  Very detailed in places, so get to grips with the broad idea and the costs and benefits of this policy.

Soil Erosion

A site dedicated to the causes and impacts of soil erosion due to the intensification of agriculture, population pressure and climate change.