Sustainable Energy Supply Websites

Department of Energy and Climate Change

The government department that manages energy supply and demand in the UK.

Nuclear Industry Association

An organisation that represents more than 250 companies who operate and manage nuclear energy in the UK.

BWEA - Wind, Wave and Tidal energy in the UK

A consortium of energy providers focussing on renewable energy.

International Energy Agency

A group of 24 countries working together to ensure energy security, environmental protection and economic development

Greenpeace (Energy - Climate Change and Nuclear Power)

An alternative viewpoint about energy production.  It is important to recognise bias in your answers.

Energy Saving Trust / Act on CO2

Websites dedicated to reducing demand for energy.

Friends of the Earth - Climate Change and Energy Factsheet

A leaflet that links climate change to energy.  It highlights some of the impacts and the solutions


The Guardian Newspaper's guide to Biofuels.


Sweden has a modern and sustainable approach to energy production and efficiency.