Energy Efficiency


Use the Energy Saving Trust Website;

to do the following:-


1.    List 5 ways that a home could be made more energy efficient.  For each one, state how much money or energy could be saved per year.


2.    Explain three ways that could be used to generate energy in the home.


3.    Comment on the sustainability of the ideas that you have outlined.



Energy Legislation – National Scale (UK)


Use the Carbon Trust Website; to do the following:-



1.    State the UK targets for the reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 and 2050.  Do these seem achievable?


2.    Read the summary of the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan 2009 (use the website


3.    List 3 recent Acts of Parliament that are to do with energy in the UK.



Energy Legislation – International Scale


Use the Carbon Trust Website; to complete the tasks


1.    Name 3 international bodies or organisations that inform UK, EU and global energy and climate change policies.


2.    What is the Kyoto Protocol?  When did it become legally binding? Which key country still hasn’t signed up?


3.    What is the Copenhagen Accord?  List 2 successful and 2 unsuccessful outcomes of it.


4.    What is the IPCC?  What does it do?  What were the findings of its latest (2007) report?


Sample exam question:

Assess the relative importance of individuals, nations and global organisations in maintaining a sustainable energy supply in the future.