Revision Questions Cities (Sustainability)


Try to answer these questions as part of your revision programme.


1.          What are the issues of transport in cities?


2.          How is our over use and disposal of water in our cities problematic?


3.          How can decision makers tackle the problems of the disparity of wealth within cities?


4.          Can using ‘grey’ (recycled) water solve the world’s growing demand for water in cities?


5.          Is Curitiba a truly sustainable city?


6.           Do all cities face similar problems in the 21st century in terms of sustainability?


7.          Do housing projects really solve the issues of poverty and insecurity in the world’s global cities?

Click here for a student produced powerpoint presentation on housing projects


8.          Do NGOs have the answers to solving the world’s unsustainable cities?


9.          What are the impacts of ineffective communications in cities?


10. How does the level of economic development in a country effect the quality of life in its cities?