Geofile 546 Shanghai


Review Questions


1.    Describe the growth and importance of Shanghai both within China and globally.


The 5 Key Problems:-


2.    People and space

-         Why are there no (few) squatter settlements in Shanghai?

-         Why did population growth stabilize during the 1990s?

-         Using facts and figures, list the problems of such a high population density.


3.    Transport

-         Using data, list the transport problems in Shanghai.


4.    The Brown Agenda (Environmental issues in LEDCs)

-         List the causes and impacts of 4 environmental problems in Shanghai.  Use facts and figures.


5.    Socio-Economic problems

-         Why is the class divide smaller in Shanghai than in other LEDC cities?

-         Describe the income differences present in Shanghai and outline the problems that these cause.


6.    Flooding

-         Explain the two potential causes of flooding in Shanghai.


7.    Evaluation

-         For each of the 5 key problems, evaluate the extent to which they are being managed successfully give examples that show both sustainable and unsustainable development in Shanghai.


8.    Dongtan Eco-city

-         List the organisations/groups that are involved in the development of Dongtan.

-         List the ways that Dongtan will meet sustainability targets.

-         What are the problems with this type of planned development?