Geofactsheet 151 – Curitiba, Brazil (Sustainable City Management)


Review Questions


1.    Draw Rodgers’ Model for a sustainable city and summarise how it differs from an unsustainable city.


2.    List the problems caused by rapid growth in Curitiba.


3.    Briefly outline Jaime Lerner’s role in the planning and development of Curitiba.


4.    Transport in Curitiba.


-         Briefly explain how transport is managed in Curitiba.

-         Using Society, Economy, Environment and Futurity as headings, use facts and figures to evaluate the success of management.


5.    Repeat the exercise in question 4 for:-


-         Land use and services

-         Recycling and waste

-         Parks and flood control

-         Economic activity

-         Return home schemes and rural improvement.


6.    Use facts and figures from Table 3 to summarise the advantages of planning a sustainable city.