Study Guide

Sustainable Cities


Key questions that will be answered…..


How can cities be classified?

·        What is the global distribution of cities?

·        How has the distribution of Megacities and Millionaire Cities changed through time?

·        What factors are responsible for the growth of cities?

·        Why do growth rates of cities change through time?

·        How does the level of development of a country influence the development of cities?


What pressures currently confront cities?

·        What are the issues of transport and communications in cities? (Congestion, air pollution, health, productivity)

·        Explain the disparities in wealth that exist in cities? (Spontaneous settlements, slums)

·        What is urban sprawl?  Explain the problems that increasing areal extent creates in cities.

·        How does environmental quality pose a problem in cities? (Waste, air pollution, water pollution, noise, industrial chemicals and toxicity)


What strategies are used to sustainably manage urban problems?

·        Explain how traffic management can make cities more sustainable (Mexico City, Curitiba, Birmingham, London Congestion Zoning, Paris).

·        Explain how sustainable waste management can improve environmental quality in cities.

·        What are the impacts of urban regeneration (Birmingham)?

·        What can be done to control urban sprawl? (Green Belt, gentrification and redevelopment, New Towns)

·        How can disparities in wealth in cities be addressed and overcome? (Self-help housing, low cost transport)

·        Explain how housing projects can improve the quality of life of urban residents.


How sustainable are cities?

·        Can cities become more sustainable?

·        Do management strategies in cities address the issues of sustainability (Environment, Economy, Society, Equality and Justice, Futurity)?

·        Are examples like Curitiba truly sustainable and are they a realistic target for growing cities in LEDCs?

·        Do all cities face similar problems?

·        Why are urban management strategies difficult to implement?


Some key terms you should be familiar with…..


Sustainable development                Urban Sprawl             Urban Growth            Megacities

Green Belt       Gentrification and Regeneration    Evaluation      Congestion Zones   

Futurity            Social Justice            Disparities     Areal Extent   Hoy no Circular System

Migration        Natural Population Growth               Green Exchange       Velib Bikes (Paris)

What is Sustainable Development?