Sustainable Cities Websites

Curitiba, Brazil

This website has links to information and videos about the city of Curitiba in Brazil.  These show how forward planning has prevented some of the urban issues found in large cities.

 Dharavi, Mumbai, India

One of the slums of Mumbai, an example of the problems of rapid urban growth - poor housing, informal sector working, water quality, energy supply.

Mexico City

A brief history of Mexico City, with some insight into the problems that it has faced due to rapid urban growth.

Velib Bicycle Hire, Paris

Sustainable urban transport - hire a bike in one place, leave it in another.  From the French "velo" - "bike" and "liberte" - "freedom". Unless you are fluent in French, you will need to click the little Union Jack at the top right of the screen to access the article via a pdf download.

Green Belt Land in the UK - The West Midlands

The policy in the UK that aims to prevent urban sprawl.  Compact cities where people move less are more sustainable. 

West Midlands Green Belt Information

London Congestion Charge Zone

Transport management to reduce emissions and congestion in London.