G4 Cities - Case Studies

Mexico City, Mexico

  • Rapid growth and urbanisation
  • Air and water pollution issues
  • Housing shortages and quality concerns
  • Self-help schemes in spontaneous settlements (slums) 
  • Traffic congestion due to poor planning
  • Hoy No Circula - Traffic Management

Dharavi, Mumbai

(revision from G3)

  • Rapid growth of the urban population
  • Slum Housing
  • Poor Sanitation and waste disposal
  • Industrial and domestic pollution
  • Extreme disparities in wealth

Curitiba, Brazil

  • Sustainable Urban Management and Planning
  • Bendy-buses and traffic management
  • Green Exchange waste management
  • Parks and green spaces; flood prevention
  • Combatting rural-urban migration

Birmingham, UK

New York, USA

London, UK

  • So-called "World Cities"
  • Classification of cities

Shanghai, China

  • Rural to urban migration
  • Environmental concerns
  • Rapid economic development
  • Sustainable management
  • Dongtan Eco-city