Sustainability in Birmingham, UK

The Eastside Redevelopment

You will need an example from an MEDC city that shows that Sustainable Development is also being tackled in the developed world.  Use the websites listed to create a case-study that shows how the Eastside Redevelopment in Birmingham, UK is working towards sustainable urban development.

Suggested content:-

  1. Location of the Eastside Redevelopment Area

  2. Aims of the Eastside Redevelopment

  3. The cost of the project

  4. Land-uses within the Eastside area

  5. Impacts on society in central Birmingham (both positive and negative)

  6. Impacts on the economy of Birmingham (+ve/-ve)

  7. Impacts on the environment in central Birmingham (+ve/-ve)

  8. Is this development going to last in the long-term? (Futurity)


Websites - Birmingham City Council - The Eastside Redevelopment website Birmingham's Big City Plan - Sustainable Development in Eastside,_Birmingham - Wikipedia - Why not?