G1 - Storm Hydrographs




                                                                                                                                    Figure 1



Figure 1 shows the storm (flood) hydrograph of a river during a high-flow event. The bankfull discharge is 30 cumecs.




(a) Use figure 1 to highlight the major features of this flood event. (5 marks)


(b) Highlight the demographic and social impacts of flooding. (10 marks)


(c) Explain the importance of sampling strategy and the need to avoid bias when collecting data in the changing physical environment you have undertaken. (10 marks)



(Hint: With question (a), remember to mention key things such as the timescale of the whole event in hours and the discharge of the river and its lag time. Question (b) demographic impacts are birth rates/death rates and migration. Social impacts include - HESH  housing, education, sanitation, healthcare, and can be either good or bad.)