G1 – River Regime




Figure 1 represents the average monthly flow characteristics of the River Severn (UK). Its source is in the mountainous region of Mid-Wales – the mountain is called Plynlimon – where it rains on average 2 out of every 3 days. The discharge in the river measured in cumecs reaches over 800 cubic metres per second.




(Hint: A small stream such as the Alderbrook River (Solihull) would record an average monthly discharge of approximately 0.5 cubic metres per second – just to set the 800 cubic metres per second in context – this the equivalent of 800 big shopping trolleys of water passing you standing at a set pint on the river bank, every second – wow!  Now try these exam questions.)




(a) Use figure 1 to outline the characteristics of this river regime. (5 marks)


(b) Explain how human factors can influence the severity of flooding. (10 marks)


(c) Outline why the knowledge of a river’s regime might be necessary in implementing effective management strategies. (10 marks)