G1 – River Discharge Characteristics



Figure 1 – Yellowstone River, Montana (USA) – source: AQA website



Figure 1 shows part of the course of the YellowstoneRiver, Montana, (USA). The mountains in the background provide a stunning backdrop to the river as it flows turbulently downstream.



(a) Outline physical factors that might affect the discharge of rivers such as that illustrated in Figure 1. (5 marks)


(b) Discuss the economic consequences of flooding. (10 marks)


(c) Explain how an individual’s or society’s perception of the flood risk hazard may influence their responses to that hazard. (10 marks)



(Hint: Question (a) remember to quote just the physical geography factors. In part (b), the economic factors include business and employment implications in both the long and the short term. Question (c) don’t forget to mention places/case studies such as Tewkesbury / Clywedog Dam)