River Severn Test

Use the virtual field trip, the River Severn Booklet and other information you have been given try this quiz.

Have a go at this case study test - use it as a revision exercise before the exam too!                

1. What is the name of the mountain in Mid Wales where the River Severn has it source? 

2. Where is the mouth of the River Severn?     

3. The catchment of the River Severn is how many square kilometres?       

4. What is the name of the catchment dam near the town of Llanidloes?       

5. What is the main land use of the area around the source of the river?.      

6. This predominantly rural catchment is home to how many people?       

7. What is the main function of the catchment dams on the River Severn?       

8. In Shrewsbury, what 'land use' do they expect to flood with low-cost impacts?

9. What land uses on Worcester city's floodplain are 'designed' to flood?  

10. What was the main physical reason for the flooding of Tewkesbury in July 2007.       

11. How long does it take for flood water in the river to flow from its source to Tewkesbury?       

12. How does Tewkesbury's physical location increase its flood risk?       

13. What was an importantsocial impact of the Tewkesbury floods?  

14. A key demographic impact of the Tewkesbury floods were?     

15. A long term economic impacts of the July 2007 floods were?       

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