The Boscastle Flood of 2004


1. Boscastle is a small village located on the north coast of Cornwall

2. A period of prolonged rain occurred prior to the flooding.

3. Boscastle is at the confluence of two rivers draining Bodmin Moor converge in the town.

4. The floodwaters were up to 3 metres deep.

5. 97 air rescues were made.

6. The air rescues were difficult to co-ordinate effectively between the RAF and the Coast Guards as to communicate over radio the helicopters must fly at over 5000 feet. Due to the thunderstorms the helicopters could only fly at 200 feet so could not maintain radio contact to organise the rescues.

7. An emergency rescue centre was established at Camelford Leisure Centre.

8. 4 buildings were destroyed. 76 cars were washed into the sea.

9. No casualties.

Click here to view footage of RAF rescue