Study Guide – Climate Change 


Key questions that will be answered…..


World Climate and Biomes

How is weather related to climate?

How does climate vary on a global scale?

Where are the different biomes?

How is the distribution of biomes related to climate?


Temporal patterns of climate change

How has the global climate changed on a short-term timescale? (El Nino)

How has the global climate changed on a long-term timescale? (Glacial / Interglacial cycles)


Causes of climate change

What evidence is there for the existence of climate change?

What are the atmospheric processes that result in climate change?

How do environmental factors contribute to climate change? (Milankovich Cyclicity, volcanoes, changes in solar radiation)

How do human factors contribute to climate change? (Greenhouse gas emissions)

Which factors (environmental or human) play a relatively more important role in recent climate change?


Issues resulting from climate change

What effect have changing climates and shifting climatic belts had on biomes?

How has human activity been influenced by increasing levels of extreme weather?

What impact has changing sea level had on human activity?

Why does the impact of climate change vary between different regions?

How has human society changed as a response to climate change?



Strategies used to address climate change

What is the Kyoto Protocol?

What are the aims of the IPCC?

How are governments trying to reduce the impacts of climate change? (adaptation, preparation, technology, social behaviour, economic action, management of GHG emissions)

How do pressure groups try to address climate change?

How can individuals try to reduce their carbon footprint?

How successful are the attempts to tackle climate change?


Some key terms you should be familiar with…..


Climate   Inter-glacials   Droughts   Carbon Footprint   Glacial retreat   Carbon Dioxide   Enhanced Greenhouse Effect (EGHE)   Weather   El Nino   Tropical cyclones   Greenhouse gases

Ice-cap   Biomes   La Nina   Solar radiation   Climatic belts   Glaciation   Milankovich Cycles   Little Ice Age   IPCC   Sea Level change   Kyoto protocol   Methane



Books – Waugh

Geofactsheets – No. 29, No. 54, No. 61, No. 75, No. 177


Others – Geofile – 386, 535, 569.